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About us

The footage of our factory's work:

Our production process:

We are a Ukrainian company situated in Kiev Ukraine. Manufacturing facilities are located in c. Malin Zhitomir region 100 km. from Kiev.

On the territory of our production we can dry the timber. New O.S. Panto drying kilns allow us to dry about 1500m3 of finished products per month and reach an export moisture index of 12-18%.

Also we can provide wood antiseptic. In this process, we use only Anti Blue Select fluid; we buy it only from an official, certified and exclusive dealer in Ukraine.



Compiling and primary cutting of logs on band saw blades. Two machines

Multiple Disc Saw Machinery


Buckers break band saw machines

Trimming Disc machines

Cross Cut Disc Machine

Packed and ready for shipment pine timber

Grinding Machine

Wood preservation process

 (we use only Anti Blue Select liquid)

In summer 2017, we installed brand new O.S. Panto drying kilns on the territory of our production. There are 3 cameras with total capacity of 260m3, give us ability to dry up to 1500m3 of fresh wood per month. They are supplied by 1.5 megawatt Ukrainian boiler. Also we have built a 900m2 storage for finished products. Total capacity is above 2000m3 of packed timber.

Drying of timber:

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